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A friend and I were chatting the other day about something in our homeschool coop that she was growing tired of. As I was trying to help her brainstorm some ideas for her kids that would still fit the parameters of the assignment and liven up and inspire her family more I likened it to the analogy of turquoise.

See almost everyone in the coop was doing something similar, a fine thing, if you like it, but not for any apparent reason.

It wasn’t a requirement, there were no rules.

It just became a thing folks were doing until it almost started to feel like a rule.

And even though a person might not be loving doing it that way, they might forget that it didn’t start out that way, it just kind of became that way, maybe everyone did?

For three days now I keep thinking to myself whenever I see similar situation. That is turquoise!
Unfortunately, it’s everywhere.

Let me tell you the analogy of turquoise. You may already know it, if you do this is just your friendly reminder. If you don’t, or you actually do, but didn’t realize until now by hearing it that you do. Then I challenge you, think turquoise!


Have you ever wondered who gets to decide what colors are in fashion for a season? You know one spring it’s bold gem colors, next season earthy tones etc. and then one season it’s turquoise. EVERYONE who is anyone is wearing turquoise. Accents, scarves, earrings, sweaters, you name it. It’s in every store. You see a beautiful, perfect for you, just the right stretch, tee and of course it’s turquoise. How could it not be, somewhere someone decided turquoise was in. A few others liked that color, we don’t exactly know who or where these mysterious people are, but somehow it happened, and wala!

Now I have to confess, most all my shirts are second hand so it doesn’t happen to me much (which may be part of the analogy?hmmm), but I do notice it. How can you not when EVERYONE is wearing it. And occasionally, very occasionally I think, gosh maybe I should at least go buy an accent in turquoise, it really IS hot these days. At this point I am praying that you have figured out I am not just talking about turquoise!

Well isn’t it the pits then, when you’re a gal who can’t stand turquoise, and it’s in style and so you’re wearing it, because maybe someone gave you something turquoise or maybe it got so in fashion that even at the thrift store, the cutest shirts are turquoise.

It’s just a color everyone is wearing and no one really knows why.

No one really knows who decided turquoise was in style, and if they are being honest, they might not even know why they are suddenly LOVING it when two years ago the LOVED earthy tones.

Do they LOVE it?


Hmmm, maybe now it’s hard to remember if you were a person who had a teeny tiny, gut, knee- jerk negative reaction to that color the first time you
saw it on the racks, because you are seeing it so much now these days. And really nice, beautiful, sweet people are wearing it, which makes it more attractive and……

Well here is what I have to say.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t wear turquoise unless you have thought about it, it really brightens your day, it flatters you, suits your mood etc.

DO NOT wear turquoise because everyone else is.

And ESPECIALLY don’t wear turquoise if you don’t like it.

Or worse if it looks downright bad on you.

Now I am praying that you all have identified some turquoise in your life.

Because it’s everywhere.

Fashion (obviously)

Parenting styles- please don’t get me wrong, I have my favorites, but I have to be careful. Is it my favorite because it’s in style or because it suits me. And yes, absolutely, there are parenting styles, especially discipline styles and they do go in and out of fashion, oh yes they do.

Particularly for me is education. By deciding to homeschool one quickly realizes it’s up to you to decide what information your children should learn. And it is astounding, the knowledge that is out there, you can’t teach it all so where do you begin, where do you focus? Well I most certainly don’t let them decide, whomever they are that decided what is in style to teach these days. And it just sort of radiates from there.

Education models – testing anyone? This is one I was just talking to my mom about the other day and it drives us batty. I read article after article and hear person after person talk about their disappointment in the way public education has gotten so heavy on testing and yet, it’s more and more and everyone is doing it and— where on Earth this this trend come from??? What people decided this was in style? Ugh. And why are all these teachers and parents allowing it?

They just don’t think they have a choice, it’s turquoise and everyone is wearing turquoise?

I see it a lot in Children’s literature, out with the old (some very fabulous, awesome literature) and in with the new, some good, some horrid.

Doesn’t matter apparently.

It’s turquoise.

And “New Math”? Don’t even get me started. Now that I am teaching my own kids math, I tend to teach them of course the way I learned, which was great by the way, thank you Miss Poor, Mrs. Shellhorn, Mrs. Church, Mr. Beaudin and Mr. Davis fine, fine public educators of the late 80’s!
But no there is “new math” now. Who exactly decided this? I call TURQUOISE!

How about going to college? Everyone must go? Just say no to Turquoise!

I could go on, school choices, church, laws, taxes, food, fitness trends, cars we drive, language, media, politics -oh dear heavens the turquoise in politics…..

I call turquoise on all these things…in government, voting, and laws. Don’t even get me started on raw milk or on farm slaughter laws today! Just who decided these things were bad?

Also… I call TURQUOISE on government corn subsidies! (just sayin’)

Moral of the story is…


If turquoise doesn’t suit you, or maybe even anyone, and you don’t know who or why it’s in style, don’t wear it. Who knows who made it in style this season anyway. Maybe it was a mistake and they have since realize they don’t like it either?

There are so many great colors (Sub: whatever you want) out there.

Some that look just stunning on you!

And really just WHO decided on that color anyway?

Side note: if you LIKE turquoise, then by all means wear it, especially or maybe EVEN after it goes out of season.
Super funny side note: I had my camera out today and there was more turquoise in my house than imagined, haha, oh life. Maybe it’s Chartreuse that just isn’t me?

Unfashionable As Always -thisfarmwife