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I was at farmers market tonight, it was a fantastic evening. Lots of folks from town and away groovin’ on the beginning of their labor day weekend. The band at market tonight was awesome! Check them out here. The music is usually right next to my tent. They were so good I was boppin’ away while I rang up veggies and meats. My kids had set out a little picnic right in front and were in awe of the amazing bass/dobro player. He was really funky!

I looked up to see a familiar face, Sue. I know Sue mainly from homeschooling and a little from church (we go about 10 times a year? so bad!). She organizes a really great homeschool booksale every year at the church where I always stock up on lots of fiction and history and science books!

“Did you go to Alaska this summer?” She asks me. Well, Alaska is fairly exotic to most Vermonters so she would be probably the 50th customer to ask me that in the last 3 weeks. But I don’t mind, I love to gush about my home, it is completely gushable.

“Yes I did it was amazing!” I say, expecting she’ll want to hear all about the hikes and eagles etc. I still need to blog about all that.

Then she says to me, “Did you by any chance buy this book at the homeschool booksale this year?” and she holds up this book.
I was a little surprised at the change in conversation and was tongue-tied for a minute thinking where we left that book that Sue would have found. It’s summa time on the farm so we haven’t been to church in ages!!! But still it wouldn’t be totally surprising, my oldest Grace reads A LOT. She makes it a habit to never leave the house without 2 or 3 books for the car or wherever. There is nothing she hates more than being stuck somewhere without a book.

Then Sue shows me the rest of what is in her hands. It was little package with a note in it. Apparently, Grace left her book on the airplane on our Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Boston last month.
I LOVE Alaska Airlines by the way.
I have been a frequent flyer member since I was one week old.
It’s an Alaska thing.
This sweet woman found Grace’s book on the plane on the next flight from Boston back to Seattle and it had this in the back.
This series had been in the church library and Sue, also the church librarian, had pulled the series and decided to sell the books at the homeschool book sale, the proceeds which would go back to the church. I had bought up the series for my voracious reader. She has been enjoying them immensely.

The lady tucked the book into an envelope with a note and $4 in case there were late fees, and mailed it back to the church! (whose address is on that library pocket)

When Sue received it she was telling Pastor Joel about it and he said he had heard that the Martin’s had gone to Alaska this summer.

So there she was at the Friday market where she knew we’d be tonight to return it. Cool isn’t it?!

I just love everyday kindness. To me, everyday kindness is opening the door for someone or paying a toll for the car behind you, or making a meal for a friend.

This lady, I believe, practiced More Than Everyday Kindness.
Good gracious I feel so blessed sometimes.

Thank you sweet lady.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for the book, but mostly, thank you for being so thoughtful, so kind.
Thank you for being such an example.
It was very fun to tell my family this sweet story tonight, because it’s not the kind you hear everyday.
My children and my farmer just smiled and you could tell as I told it that every one’s heart fluttered a little bit.
It’s not the kind of story that the news carries.
It wasn’t worth hundreds, less than a dollar probably.
But truly,
Thank You.