A few weeks ago during one of those hectic weekends I was posting about, you know the ones, right?
We had a little family campout.
In my in-laws hayfield.
Because we just can’t enough of hayfields.
Just kidding!
It was so fun and I felt so gosh darn lucky to be such a part of this sweet and fun-loving family.
Plus, my in-laws property is so insanely fabulous and sweet and cool, I often think to myself, that’s the kind of farm I want when I grow up!
I love our farm, don’t get me wrong, but what we have here, it’s the real deal, as in you don’t gather 12 eggs a day you gather 12 dozen. Carrots, sure there is 2000 feet of’em right here and another 2000 over there. So when I look at their sweet and very productive garden and their adorable barn, I sometimes swoon a little.
This is the cutest barn ever! They even have miniature Jersey’s. Miniature!!! Sorry I didn’t catch a picture of those sweeties. Nor my wonderful father-in-law apparently?
Marj is very creative AND I’m pretty sure she’s the hostess with the mostest!
She inspires me.
Here is my farmer with Uncle Larry.
Uncle Larry is a farmer too. A darn good one actually. Really good. He runs a dairy on the farm that was his fathers. My farmer and Uncle Larry have always shared a special kinship, Larry’s wife Sue is also very special to my farmer. He spent many, many days and nights at their farm and loved it so deeply it was all he wanted to do when he grew up. Well, farm and sail around the world.
This game was new to me.
Apparently it’s a southern thing. Super fun tidbit is both of Marj’s kids were home at the same time for a couple weeks this summer so my in-laws put these together and the first day they were home they each had to decorate one of the holes.
E did hers completely UVM! (University of Vermont) where she attends school.
G did his in his alma mater Clemson. A little friendly rivalry!
I tried my hand at cornhole and let’s just say I need a little practice.
This game, ladder ball was a total hit with the kids. Okay, and me.
I really want to make this for our backyard. So fun!
I can just picture all the injuries we’ll get when the kids toss the balls around like numchucks!
We do so love our Grammy Marj
It really was a special night. Some of us stayed in tents, some in the house. We all hung out around the fire and in the morning we had the best breakfast ever.

* sweet side note * My father in-law Gene actually met his fabulous bride Marj at my big girl’s first birthday. She had become a dear friend of my farmer and I and well, they were meant to be I’m pretty sure!