We needed rest, we needed rejuvenation, a moment to breathe.
After last weeks push, which had been greatly successful, we were beginning to feel depleted. This feeling seems to frequently come in August. Our bodies and spirit are telling us to take a moment.
My farmer and I have a long connection to the sea. My childhood home was by the sea, where we met. He had craved the sea and joined the United States Coast Guard to get his fill. In a life that seems long ago now we lived on our sailboat in Maine and then spent a year sailing the East Coast and Bahamas. We have always been torn between our deep connection to the land and the sea.

Yesterday we knew the answer to fill our cup was to go to the sea.

So we all piled in the car and drove to Ogunquit, Maine, to the beach my husband went to every summer as a child. Just for the day. It’s a bit of a drive but I have to say I savored the stillness, the chatting, the game playing, the singing, together. Lest you be fooled the drive had it’s share of pokes and snits too!
I love their little works of art, no grand sand castles this day, just little bits placed here and there with all the purpose a child possesses.
Inspired by the neighboring farms corn maze, the kids made one in the sand for mama and papa to navigate, complete with tricks and dead ends. Oh the giggles they get when trying to outwit us!
This here is a sand lady, much effort was put into her. Including her “burnished red curls” Grace tells me.
Little Rita got out the kite, she and I had a hoot trying to get it up. We ran and ran and it would go up….then dive back down. Over and over we did this in fits of giggles, we hoped with all our might that it wouldn’t crash down on our fellow beach-goers. A sweet older couple watched and laughed with us.
Finally the gentleman came over and we discovered he was Quebecois, not too far from us in Vermont. He said he had the same kite and the same problem until he realized that you had to have loops or bows in your string. Well I’ll be darned, 31 years old and you learn something new everyday! I have been mulling over this tidbit of physics for the last 36 hours……
A few slip knots and Eureka! It’s up!
Thank you kind stranger!

The girls and I went out into the waves to body surf and dive into them.

The taste and smell of the salt and the slight sting makes one feel so alive! It was pure bliss.

I’ve realized the feeling and simplicity of the sand and water has the power to quiet and soothe our spirits.
We are rejuvenated and ready for more joy and challenges of life on the farm!

*quick side note- about the bikini. In general I put a lot of thought into children and their sacred short space of childhood. As such I have a few firm guidelines on clothing which includes no bikinis. To each their own on these things, it’s just my thing. That being said, it’s a little unnerving for my big girl to be in one this day. Her suit had gone missing and we needed to hit the road. I figured I could pick one up inexpensively on the way. This mama isn’t much of a shopper apparently because we could not find a suit anywhere, this was the ONLY thing we could find. I allowed it to save the day but we are happy to have our real swimsuit back…This parenting thing I tell ya!*