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I called my dear friend Kathleen yesterday, we had more hay to get in and most of our great hay helpers are also church-goers. It was Sunday and my farmer and I were in a bit of a conundrum. So I called Kathleen because I thought maybe her 19 year old son might be able to help us out. Okay well I also called her to wail about my super intense and crazy week because she had been camping and I had missed her!!!!

It turned out her son had plans but she said she wouldn’t mind coming out to the farm to help for a bit, in fact she thought it sounded fun! I’m not sure why it never crossed my mind to ask my girlfriends to hay, I guess I just always figured my farmer and I are crazy but that doesn’t mean our friends are.

Well she came, AND her husband Roger came long too. Our kids played while we worked, running wagons back and forth, she and I stacking in the hayloft while Roger unloaded the wagons.

Let me just say that this is true friendship.

Stacking square bales in the barn is hard work. Hard as in sweat dripping, legs feel like jello, hayloft 15 degrees hotter than outside, itchy, crazy hard work.

As we were up there, catching our breaths between wagons she said something to me that really moved me. She said she figured if people want to live in world where we help each other out and really raise neighbors barns together, then we really have to be willing to show up.

I hope I get the chance to show up and when it’s there I hope I take it like Kathleen did yesterday.

Today we did more hay. My farmer told me tonight that between yesterday and today (the hay which we had been working on in the field for the last three days) we baled and stacked with the blessed help of friends and a great crew 1,862 bales.

Here is the amazing thing. TODAY, my same sweet friend showed up with supper for our family. She knew we were still haying and that it was extremely hectic around this place and so she brought us dinner.

2 quarts of chili, 1 quart of gazacho, the most amazing cheesy cornbread ever, and chips and an avacodo were waiting for us when we came in.

And what a treat, because not only is Kathleen a great friend, she is also one of the best cooks we know. This woman is a whiz in the kitchen and her knowledge of nourishing, healing local foods is outstanding.

It was one of the best meals I’ve had in ages! Yum! Thanks Kathleen, we are indebted forever!!!!!

Also in the friends department our friend Blanka stopped by today for our annual barter of a gallon of their honey for a gallon of our maple syrup. We have been doing this for several years now we love it. Win-win here!

I am soooooo grateful for our friends. They are amazing and we are truly blessed.

In other news today, got girls to piano lessons, manned the farmstand (gotta love my favorite subcontractor),tried to put my kitchen back together from this crazy haymaking week, picked some lovely kale and lettuce, ran wagons, unloaded, stacked…..whew!
Done haying for a while.
I think tomorrow we are taking a family day.