IMG_1181Are we tired of hay yet? Almost. I know it seems like it’s all we do around here and I swear it’s not true. It’s just that the early part of summer was QUITE wet and you know what they say,” make hay while the sun shines” and so that’s what we are doing these days.


Sharing this day does help.


When the exhaustion is starting to set in, when the house is getting messier and the kids are almost at their limit being flexible. I realize that these farm kids are growing so fast and that I’m often so grateful for a 6 year old willing hand.

Their independence amazes me.

When the whole family has come in for dinner after 9pm again.
Looking at the pictures, sharing them with others and reminding yourself what a great life you get to live on a farm and how much fun the kids really do have and how insanely beautiful your workplace is.

Sharing here helps. It makes this farm wife grateful, instead of grumpy.

One thing I love about spending so much time outdoors is how heightened your awareness is. When the sun dips behind the mountain you are keenly aware of the instant chilliness.


After looking at waves of hay, the tiny turkey feather that you pass by or the small patch of bright yellow rudbeckia on the side of the field seem so vibrant.

It gives you time to watch the different shades of color as the sun gets lower and lower on each pass.


Time to appreciate how sweet that milk will taste this winter and how happy the cows will be with their delicious hay.

I am reminded that I will miss wiping away their tears when their adventures turn to misadventures.
and that giving children the gift of nature and self entertaining on the side of the field while their mama and papa continue working is indeed a worthwhile gift
And like all good work, it reminds me how good it feels to be done. How wonderful home is.