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We are crazy. I feel like I say this a lot. If you think this is true also (that I say that a lot) well it’s for a reason. WE ARE CRAZY!  I have this friend, well, CSAer  (please don’t think it’s lame that half my friends are actually customers, organic farm customers are THE coolest!)that I love to chat with at farmers market, what we both love about our chats is that our husbands ( or really our families!) are self-employed, this one owns a local pizza shop( best ice cream hot spot in town), another one, her husband runs the local fitness hot spot (of which I am a proud member!) I swear we should start a club because there is a special brand of crazy you just can NEVER truly understand until you are self-employed in a small business in America. Whether it’s farming, or a restaurant, a small shop. Seriously these people they are amazing, hardworking, smart etc etc and well chances are they a little crazy! Every time I see these ladies I know I am in good company. But I digress.

Anyway, many times a day friends or customers, folks from around town will say “ I don’t know how you do it!”  DO IT meaning, farm, homeschool, volunteer, eat, survive, etc. I am assuming??? They don’t actually say what “it” is! Maybe they mean how I manage to always have chipped toe nail paint?  I always laugh it off graciously and say “Oh I don’t.  You should see my laundry pile!” To which they say “Oh yes I know, endless laundry haha” . And I reply “No no really it’s this high, almost always” as I point to my chest. And they still don’t believe me! !!!

 But I think, I really, really think, my friends in my “spouses of self-employed families club” believe me

 Well let me tell you folks, it’s true.

My closest friends can confirm this.

I’ve let them look.

I thought maybe I’d be brave enough to post a picture of said laundry pile, you know, to keep it real, but I just can’t do it, not yet. Maybe someday, you’ll just have to believe me.

You don’t know how I do it, because I can’t. No one can.

 But we try, and we laugh, and we love and well, we are crazy.


~ this farm wife
yup, this one is crazy! What is she doing I’d like to know?!!!