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I love our town.
I love our park in the middle of town.
On Friday nights while I am selling my wonderful,delicious, local products in this sweet little park, the kids often splash and play in the fountain or put together a pickup game of soccer.
It’s great.

It was a gorgeous morning in the park today. The light was just beautiful.
Doesn’t this look idyllic, my sweet 6 year old running in the park!

I mean the light was perfect, not a single edit was done to this photo!


You may ask yourself…what is this farm wife doing in the park at 8am on a Saturday. Shouldn’t she be at farmers market?
Why yes actually she should!

However, last night when we got home from market I realized no boots came out of the back of the truck while unloading.
“Rita? Did you leave your boots by the fountain?”
” Maybe.”
“I hope they are still there in the morning!”

And so here we were gathering our boots. And they were right where she left them, they were her water scoop she said.

Of course they were.

Thankfully they were still there. I love our town.
I love our little park. And I suppose since the light was so beautiful as she ran across the grass to fetch them this morning, I was dissuaded from pulling my hair out at the idea of leaving her best barn boots in the park.


So I tossed them in the back of the truck. Hoped they didn’t bruise the zucchini and off we went to our Saturday market.