As fall has arrived on the farm yet again I have been finding myelf anxious in this between seasons time. As fun as summer has been with haying, beach time, adventures, etc.  My home is calling me, and I am ready to settle down to organizing, homeschool, baking, projects.  But it is a false call as there is more farm work to be done.  Farmer’ markets don’t end for four more weeks, there is wood to be stacked, food to be put by, meat to be cut and wrapped, customers to be helped… As a farmer girlfriend said at market last week, the season is not over and it’s like I’m fighting it. I am tired, I miss my farmer, he is tired, we are ready for a change in rythm. I will stop fighting it and finish the last of my canning,  plan our community harvest celebration and potluck, and follow the busy rythm of farm life for a few more weeks and dearly look forward to a seasonal shift.

All that being said, the richness of this time of year is so dear to me. The colors, the temperatures, the decreasing daylight, the morning fog, the smell of woodsmoke. I look forward to this all year long. Even the produce seems more vibrant. The carrots and spinach are sweeter, the apples are crisp, the last of the tomatoes and peppers until next year seem so precious. Ahhhh such blessings. ❤

My farmer, planting his cover crop of Winter Rye

Our heirloom feed corn, Early Riser, drying before it goes into the corn crib.