We like to keep our pigs on pasture and rotate them.  It really is the best way to raise them. They are happy and healthy, we rotate them through the vegetables as we are done with them and the meat is super good! (I love the word super by the way, and souper too!)

Last summer our pigs got out. It was bad.  A stranger passing through stopped by at the house at 6 am to tell us our pigs were down at the corner by the church. YIKES! So of course we had to do a pig rodeo roundup. We finally got them in and by the end my husband was telling me that tomorrow was pig slaughter day (turned out it wasn’t. Imagine that.) Well later that day we got a call from our neighbor…the one in the other direction.  Our pigs had dug up a few spots in his wife’s amazing, beautiful, work of art, pristine yard. My farmer and I ran over to survey the damage.  Thankfully it was mostly sod and not flowers. Whew! We fixed it.

Well we recently found out that those same neighbors are having their daughter swedding this weekend in their amazing, beautiful, work of art, pristine yard.  And our pigs hadn’t got out once this year.  So my farmer and I joked that this would be the week.

Well last night as I was setting the table for dinner, out of the corner of my eye….was a pig running down the road! Exactly 4 days before the big wedding!!! So the whole family went out for a little pig rodeo.

The problem is, once an animal gets out, it has learned something.  It has learned that going through the electric fence wasn’t “that” bad.

As you can see, this pig is NOT in the electric fence. In fact, this pig is in our freshly seeded fall carrots. Thanks Pig.

This is my farmer, showing his pig rodeo prowess. I promise I really did help. I just happened to be too far away at this exact point, and well, I happened to have my camera 😉

There. The pigs are closed in their hut for the night. Now we won’t have wedding nightmares.  We will dream up a way to better train pigs on electric fence.  These farmkids can really rock a rodeo. Notice their states of evening routine-“ Ready for bed”, “Just out of the bath” and “Haven’t started yet”

Whew! Done!


~this farm wife