Eating well is a lot like having faith.

Someone once told me faith has a short shelf life.  Meaning if you don’t practice it every day it’s easy to let it slip, particularly the passion or fire in your belly.  I was driving the other day and I realized that eating well is similar.  We have a diversified organic farm and we direct market everything we grow. So I spend quite a bit of time mulling over people’s eating habits, value, price, nutritional value, ease of getting (and keeping) quality local food etc… Really, as you can see I spend a lot of time thinking about this stuff.

So back to my mind during my drive.  I was thinking about how when you are pumped spiritually, particularly because you have had a spiritual experience whether it be an event (church, sermon or maybe a yoga retreat….whatever your thing is) or when you’ve just met or talked with someone who inspires you or when you’ve read something that really touches your heart, or maybe you just had a little internal awakening, you know, a still small voice or feeling of comfort. You are just so pumped and you are in wonder and awe of this spiritual gift you have just experienced ( do you know what I’ m taking about or am I really a weird as I have always felt?)

Well I don’t want to belittle spirituality (as you can see I spend plenty of time thinking of those things too!) but I was thinking the other day about local food the same way.  I know so so many people who will say they are “into” or value local food. And how important local farms are etc. And I don’t doubt for a minute that they truly believe that. Heck I truly believe that. Really.  Truly. And so we buy local food “when we can/ in-season” or that’s what I do anyway. And it really is such a good thing.  But here’s what I was thinking…..we are farmers, honest to goodness full time farmers working our hardest to feed those in our community. We do it every day and sometimes it’s gratifying, some days it’s amazing and some days it kinda sucks.   But as I was driving I had a moment (not unlike a spiritual one!) where I realized, I mean I really realized, how ABSOLUTELY COOL it is that we grow food! And people eat it! That we produce this food from the earth and nourish ourselves and our community and I was just amazed.  I was so proud of my husband and just thought WOW !!!! There are really few things in our lives as important as eating! And growing food is not easy! And I just thought how many times do we, myself included get hit with the importance, and gratitude and awesomeness of those who grow our food!  (maybe it’s even ourselves!) Since I’m getting a little preachy here, can I get an AMEN!!!

So I know we are all busy and we all eat every day, but every once in a while when you bite into some nourishing food. Particularly if it is local and you know the farmer who grew that lettuce or pork chop enjoy the wonder of it! Imagine if there were no farmers! Imagine all the steps that get that food to you, from the seed, earth, plant, sun, water, animal, processing, transport, sale it goes on and on. And imagine all the obstacles that could have got in the way…..weeds, weather, pollution, exhaustion……then just for one minute. Be in awe of the food before you. And the farmer who made it happen.

Okay that’s my sermon for the day. I hope you’ve had a “spiritual” experience about your  food!

Eat local!

XO this farm wife
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