Because we live on a farm we have a lot of food.  Well in the winter we are little light on the fresh greens although the root cellar is pretty nicely stocked. 

 Well three things we are not short on, even during these winter months are milk, eggs and maple syrup. 

The kids and I had a hankering for a holiday treat today so we came up with this fabulous eggnog recipe. It is amazing! and so simple! With all the eggs and milk around here I think we could drink it everyday! Ok, bad idea my waistline tells me but at least make a few batches during the holidays!

Simple Farmhouse Eggnog

2 Cups whole milk (we used our farm fresh Jersey and Devon milk,  and I highly encourage you to find a local farmer near you and try raw milk, but I guess it’s okay if you use store-bought ;))

1/2 Cup heavy cream

3 farm fresh eggs ( this part I actually do think is important if you are going to have raw egg product)

1.5-2 tablespoons of  Pure Maple Syrup ( Vermont is best of course!)

Blend together until frothy, I used my trusty Kitchen Aid, but a blender, beaters whatever works….



Plain is great, but it is fantastic with a little freshly grated nutmeg on top!

And I have to say I always get an extra little thrill when I make something “entirely” of ingredients that we have grown or made on our farm! It’s a farm wife thing.

and the little warning: use raw egg at your own risk and please, use your common sense, clean fresh eggs only.