Things I love in no particular order:

1. Wood heat.—I love that my farmer can cut our wood, I love our fireplace that we use so often in the winter. I also love the yummy warm heat you get from a nice woodstove, ahhhh. I love campfires in the backyard in the summer, I just love wood heat.

2. A good movie on a winter night.

Notice a trend here? You aren’t seeing kiteflying or canoeing on this list. Maybe that because it’s because it’s 5 degrees out there. Maybe my title should have been, Do you curl up in front of the fireplace with a movie when it’s 5 degrees out too?

3. Girlfriends. Love them.

4. Late night shopping trips to the store with girlfriends when this 30 year old mother of three married for 8 years woman gets to act like a silly teenager at the local Grocery.

5. A good book, and a good bookstore, and a good bookstore proprietor, you get the ponit. Just love ’em.

6. The way my cat always seems to find a box to sleep in but 90% of the time, he;s sleeping in a clementine box.

That’s all. Just a few loves. Stay Warm!