Finished up that pork….it was a long and productive day.  As the night wore on and I was finishing up flavoring and wrapping sausages, Sam, my just turned three year old was right by my side. He helps me cut and wrap and ” organize” as he kept saying. Then he helped me fill the freezer, well let’s just say as many know that three year olds are “very helpful.”   Finally I was able to put him to bed.

Me: Are you ready for bed?

Sam: Wu put me to bed I’m tired?

Me: Yep what book should we read?

Sam:  The one about the strawberry that gots lost.

Me: Hmmm. I don’t know about that book?

Sam: Yes wu do!

Me: I don’t think so tell me about it?

Sam: Ok mom it goes like this. Ready? Plunk, plunk plunk

Me: Ohhh! Are we going to read Blueberries for Sal?!

Sam: Nods and smiles!

And we did, and sometimes that kid is just too darn cute!