I love Christmas. I especially love Christmas trees.  Every year since we’ve been here at the farm my tree has had even more meaning.

  About four years ago when we found our farm I called my Mom to tell her all about it. How gorgeous it was etc, etc and of course what town our new home and farm would be in.  Well our farm is in a very small town in Vermont and to be honest it is so small, (The ONLY store is a gas station kind of small. Oh and now a farmstand!) that I often just say oh, a little town in the Northeast Kingdom. Well Mom wanted to know “what” town specifically so I told her.

  Well of course that week Mom got together with her girls(The Aunties, more on that some other post) for spa night (in Alaska, of course), Mom and the Aunties are ALWAYS getting together for spa night (those Alaska girls know how to do it right I tell ya!), sounds great doesn’t it? I could go for a spa night! Anyway, as they are gabbing along with their feet in the wax she tells the Aunties that I am moving to this tiny town in Vermont.  Well one of the Aunties says “My sister lives in there!” Hmmmm, really?

 The next day Mom calls “One of the Aunties sisters lives in your new new town you’ve got to look them up! ”

“Mom, I’m sure mistaken, you must have heard wrong, it is a tiny town of 600 people!”

Well no, it turns out they, Tune and Greg do live in here, on a Christmas tree farm, just down the road from us and they are sooo cool! Our first Christmas in our new town we went to go get our tree and Tune wouldn’t take any money, she insisted it was a welcome to our community gift. My husband and I were so touched. So the next year we went again but we ended up bartering three of our amazing Pasture Raised Chickens for a Christmas Tree, and it has been that way ever since. And I love it.  They have become good friends and customers of ours and I just have to say, I love neighbors,I love bartering and I love small towns.

  So we went to get our Christmas tree today and as I was heading out of the barnyard I quickly stopped at the Tool Barn to grab a couple of chickens out of one of the freezers.  No matter what the price, it’s always three chickens for a tree. It makes me smile every time I look at that tree.