How often it comes up when I’m out and about that we have a farm.

I mean like it always comes up.

Is it because I’m reluctantly proud? or because I just can’t keep my mouth shut about anything ( I sometimes feel like my mouth is open, blurting out words and my mind is saying shut up! shut up! I can’t be the only one with problem…right?) I don’t know.

Anyway so it comes up that we farm and of course they say “Oh how interesting what kind of farm?” To which I reply “Oh just a few acres of vegetables and hay….Well, 5 acres of organic vegetables and 180 acres of hay….square bales….10,000 of them….oh and just some chickens…well 250 laying hens and 900 broilers…oh and 100 turkeys for thanksgiving….oh and well we have cows too, Heritage Breed! Eventually for beef but my farmer milks some too (and in my head I’m thinking to myself that perhaps I really am a lunatic) oh and some pigs because well you have to have something to feed all those extra veggies too but that’s it. Well except Maple Syrup because well who can resist making maple syrup, but that’s all we farm.   Really.

And whoever the lucky person who dares to ask is looking at me saying “Wow, how interesting, that’s a lot of work” while I’m sure she’s thinking that I am crazy because well… that’s what I’m thinking.

But would I change it if I could? Occasionally I swear on my life that this is pure madness and we can’t go on like this! ( dramatically of course!) but I’m not sure.

Could I give up farm fresh milk everyday?  All you can eat organic strawberries in June? A freezer full of my own chicken, beef and pork? The most wonderful golden eggs in the world? or Maple Syrup in almost everthing!? And the fabulous, grateful, amazing customers who are nourishing their families with all this goodness….

It appears I am doomed to a life of craziness.

I’m pretty sure everyone who knows me already knew that.